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Part of the mission of St. Catherine of Siena Catholic School is to educate the whole child by helping each child develop their personal talents, find their passion, and build leadership skills. Here are some ways student clubs can help a child develop:

  1. Social Skills: Joining a club exposes children to a diverse group of peers who share similar interests. It provides opportunities for interaction, collaboration, and teamwork, helping them develop social skills, such as communication, cooperation, and conflict resolution.
  2. Personal Growth and Self-Confidence: By engaging in club activities, children explore their interests, discover their talents, and gain a sense of accomplishment. As they develop skills and achieve goals within the club, their self-confidence grows, which positively impacts their overall personal growth.
  3. Community Engagement: Clubs like our school choir engage in community outreach by performing at Sunday liturgies. Through such initiatives, children develop a sense of parish ministry, service, and an understanding of the needs of others. They learn the value of giving back and making a positive impact in their community.

Overall, SCS Student Clubs offer a rich and supportive environment that complements their academic education. They help children develop important life skills, boost self-esteem, and provide a platform for personal growth and exploration. Clubs offered may vary from year to year based on student participation,but here is a list of  School Clubs currently being offered:

  • Badminton Club with Ms. Pare and Mr. Dayao
  • Cooking Club with Mrs. Smith
  • Gardening Club with Ms. Esver and Ms. Llanos
  • Robotics Club with Ms. Pare
  • Student Ambassadors (Junior High) with Student Council
  • Yearbook with Mrs. Salais
  • Junior High Honor Society with Mr. McDonough and Ms. Esver