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Welcome to St. Catherine of Siena Catholic School's Kindergarten Program, where every child's journey begins with a strong foundation in academics, virtues, and spiritual growth.

Testimonials like Stephanie Manlutac’s affirm our commitment to excellence in education and character development. Here, your child's progress is not just measured in academic achievements but also in the nurturing of their spirit and character.

Our curriculum is designed to meet California State Standards, Common Core Standards, and Next Generation Science Standards. Each day, students engage in math, English language arts, reading, and handwriting, alongside dedicated time for science, religion, and art. With additional classes in music, Spanish, physical education, and computer studies, our students receive a well-rounded education that prepares them for success in all areas of life.

Assessment is a key aspect of our teaching approach. We employ both informal formative assessments and formal summative assessments to understand each child's learning journey comprehensively. Our standards-based report cards provide parents with valuable insights into their child's growth and progress.

At St. Catherine's, we believe in active learning through hands-on experiences and collaborative projects. Our constructivist approach fosters curiosity, critical thinking, and problem-solving skills, preparing students to become lifelong learners and innovative thinkers. Social learning is equally emphasized, as students develop essential social-emotional skills through interactions with peers and shared experiences.

Central to our curriculum is the integration of Catholic virtues into daily activities and discussions. Through stories, prayers, and acts of kindness, students learn to actively live out our virtues such as charity, honesty, and compassion, that nurture our student’s spiritual growth and understanding.

Our kindergarten experience extends beyond the classroom with special field trips to places like Loma Vista Farms and science museums. Guest speakers and collaborative projects enrich learning, while monthly themed activities like escape rooms add an element of fun and engagement.

Technology plays a vital role in our curriculum, with a 1-1 Chromebook ratio and dedicated instruction time to prepare students for the digital age.

As part of our school traditions, kindergarteners are paired with 4th-grade buddies for liturgical celebrations, Mass and various fun activities, fostering mentorship and spiritual growth.

At SCS, we pride ourselves on educating the whole child, emphasizing virtues, social-emotional learning, and tailored instruction. With our supportive community and dedicated teachers, we ensure that every child's potential is nurtured, setting them on a path of academic success and spiritual fulfillment. Join us in shaping the future Stars of tomorrow at St. Catherine of Siena Catholic School.