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St. Catherine of Siena school believes that the children are the Church of tomorrow. We provide a strong foundation in both Catholic faith formation and academic excellence. St. Catherine uses RCL Benzinger and the Bible to help children understand the Gospel, Scriptures, Liturgy, prayer, and to live a faith filled life. Reconciliation and First Communion are taught in the 2nd grade.

Family Life

Family Life is a K-8 Family Life program. It provides students with a wholesome understanding of human sexuality based upon Catholic Church moral principles. Students develop better communication skills, and healthy family relationships. This program promotes self-confidence, respect, and discipline.


McGraw Hill, California Wonders, is used in Grades K-5. This program meets the challenges of today’s classroom and reaches all learners. A wealth of research-based print and digital resources provide support for building strong literacy foundations. Students have access to complex text and writing resources. Students have the opportunity to engage in collaborative conversations and group projects. Literature is taught in 6th-8th grades using and a variety of other resources. All grade levels use Scholastic Reading Inventory.


The chapters in Houghton Mifflin Harcourt Go Math! is a comprehensive Grade K-8 program developed to support the Common Core Standards. This program emphasizes Essential Questions and Big Ideas with depth of understanding as the goal. Students learn to use their critical thinking skills. Students also use online resources such as IXL Math.

English/Language Arts

McGraw Hill, California Wonders, is used in Grades K-5 and includes the Common Core Standards. This program follows the Reading series and includes consumable issues that the teacher uses for spelling, comprehension, grammar, usage, mechanics, writing skills, and poetry. Grades 6-8 use Holt McDougal for Literature and McDougal Littell for grammar. These programs continue to further their learning in all areas and prepare them for high school. Additional resources are also used such as Membean in grades 5-8 and LA IXL in all grade levels.

Social Studies

Students learn about cultures and a variety of groups within a society, geography, history, and civics. The knowledge and understanding of the past is necessary for coping with the present and planning for the future. Pearson Prentice Hall, McDougal Littell and Harcourt are used at St. Catherine’s.


Next Generation Science Standards are taught at St. Catherine’s. Grades K-5 use Science Fusion and a variety of other online resources. These resources include Mystery Science and Mystery Doug to give the student an opportunity to participate with experimentation. Grades 6-8 use Glencoe/McGraw Hill studying Earth Science, Life Science, and Physical Science. Our Jr. High teacher also uses a variety of resources and implements hands-on experiments. The teachers incorporate faith throughout the science curriculum.


Computer classes are incorporated in all grade levels. Technology is an important element in grade school curriculum and helps create a learning environment in which students are more productive and confident.

Physical Education

Students have Physical Education twice a week. Physical Education contributes to learning motor skills and emotional development as well as nutrition and sportsmanship.


Spanish is offered once a week for Grades K-2, and twice a week for Grades 3-8.

Fine Arts

Art and Music are taught in all grade levels once a week.

Note: Our curriculum is designed to meet the California Common Core Standards.