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Sports/Extracurricular Activities for Boys and Girls

St. Catherine of Siena School participates with other Catholic schools in Solano county in several athletic sports for grades 5-8. This includes Girls Volleyball, Boys Football, Cheerleading, Boys Basketball, Girls Basketball, and Boys Volleyball. 

The Solano/Pittsburg Athletic League

The Solano/Pittsburg Athletic League  (SPAL) is an integral part of the educational mission of the Catholic Schools of the Diocese of Sacramento and the Diocese of Oakland. The SPAL is dedicated to fostering Christian values and human development, encouraging a positive vision and attitude in our young men and women through exercise, example, teamwork, and athletic competition, and fully recognizing the dignity of each student in Christ’s image. The SPAL acknowledges and upholds the vital role of all parents and volunteers in the SPAL schools.

The athletic program at St. Catherine of Siena School is motivated and guided by the philosophy and goals outlined in our Parent/Student Handbook. However, for the smooth operation of this program, some other goals and guidelines are necessary. Before listing them, the Administration wishes to acknowledge parents' and coaches’ support, participation, and cooperation, without whom the athletic program would not exist.

Objectives of the School Athletic Program

  • To teach Christian values.
  • To teach sportsmanship and the value of athletic participation.
  • To teach the importance of practice and the management of time.
  • To develop acceptance and appreciation of others.
  • To teach fundamental skills and rules of athletic competition.
  • To develop students physically.
  • To develop good health habits.
  • To provide a proper outlet for youthful energy.