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“Miss Young is so nice and she always helps us learn and grow. My favorite space in our classroom is the library because I already read chapter books.  This year we got to make special items for Mother’s Day and we had fun parties in our classroom, like celebrating our 100th day of school.”

~ Viviene

“Miss Dani teaches us math and helps us do our work. My favorite book that we read this year is The Very Hungry Caterpillar. My favorite part of Kindergarten is PE because we get to play games, do exercises, and learn how to play sports like basketball. We also went on a field trip to a farm and saw chickens and rabbits.”

~ Micah

"Everyday we're reassured that we've made the best choice by sending our daughter to St. Catherine of Siena Catholic School. Witnessing her progress in her first year as a kindergartener, not only academically but spiritually, has been amazing. She has a love for learning and an impressive understanding of virtues and the Catholic faith that would only be possible in a supportive environment like SCS. We are so grateful for the teachers, staff and SCS community for fostering a foundation of lifelong learning and spiritual growth."

~ Stephanie Manlutac (SCS Parent 2024)

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