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8th Grade

A student’s thoughts on her 8th year, the week before graduation.

“I”m so sad to be graduating this week, it has been such a meaningful experience with both our teachers and friends, but especially my classmates. 

At science camp at Caritas Creek we did an exercise called Serendipity for sharing and bonding as a class, and everyone really came together. We laughed and cried and we’ve all been a really close group ever since that experience. So our class bonding really took another step closer in 7th grade and during this whole 8th grade year.  

Our faith really brought us together and helped us get through tough times as a group. We are so much more forgiving of one another and have created a family-like atmosphere at school.

My advice for families that are considering St. Catherine’s for their children is, this is an unforgettable experience for a school. You will know everyone in such a personal way.”

~ Naya and David

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