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4th Grade

“In 4th Grade Ms. Llanos challenges us to try different things, but she is always kind and loving. Everyone in our class is very close friends. This year we are learning a lot about California history. We went to Coloma for our first overnight field trip, and there is a place to pan for gold! Some of us found almost 20 pieces of Gold.”

~ Mason

“Now we know how to do harder Math concepts including division and fractions. Ms Llanos is funny and likes to joke with us and Mr. Dan does science with us and he is getting us ready for junior high science. He did a project with us about bones and muscles by using cookies and pancakes. He showed us how we need both to be strong.I love that we have so many fun events here at SCS like Fall Fest and Spring Concert. We get to see our classmates on the weekend at church because everyone comes to mass on Sunday. If we show up at Mass in our school uniform we get a free dress pass!"

~ Riley

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