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2nd Grade

“I love both my teachers in 2nd Grade, they are helpful and help me with my virtues and they remind me of talking with my family members. St. Catherine of Siena is like being part of a big family. My favorite project this year was learning about my family history. I was so surprised about everything I learned. I was home schooled before 1st Grade and now I have so many friends and I’ve learned so many things through projects and spending time with classmates.”

~ Catherine

“My teachers remind us to do better and I feel so good about that when I remember to be nice and kind to my classmates and friends. Making our First Communion was the best because religion was our favorite subject, and finally I don’t have to get a blessing anymore. We also did our first book report, and we went to the Exploratorium to see them dissect a cow’s eye. We learned so much weird stuff but it was cool.”

~ Rocco

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