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St. Catherine of Siena School!

A K-8 Grade parish school with a foundation in Catholic values

St. Catherine of Siena Catholic School exists as an extension of the family where students, parents, and teachers work together to enrich our St. Catherine community of Vallejo. We develop students spiritually and academically who grow to be respectful and responsible contributors to the Church and the world.

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Our Mission

St. Catherine of Siena Preschool and Elementary School is built on a foundation of Catholic values. We are dedicated to the educational and spiritual growth of the whole child as a sacred individual. We promote gospel values, Catholic traditions, and academic excellence in a safe and nurturing environment.

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notes and reminder

School Notes and Reminders

  • We are now accepting K-8 applications for 2024-2025 School Year
  • Email: for enrollment inquiries
  • School office hours are M-F 8 am to 2 pm




Average Class (K-8)


Student/Teacher Ratio






of Teachers and Staff are Practicing Catholics


We are Catholic learners who have knowledge of Church teachings and traditions, practice gospel values and citizenship through service to others, and demonstrate respect for all individuals.

Speak Up!

We are effective communicators who actively listen and follow oral directions, demonstrate correct writing skills, give effective oral presentations, and express ourselves through non-verbal communications.


We are problem solvers who observe, experiment, discover, and reach solutions, and demonstrate the ability to evaluate, predict, and reflect on topics.


We are responsible students who plan, set, and work towards goals effectively and demonstrate self control and responsible behavior.


We are team members who work effectively with others to establish and accomplish team goals.